What we do

It is no news to many, that the professional ‘Drivers’ Workforce has a high turnover rate, compare to other roles in the Corporate and Personal engagement spaces.

And beside the high turnover rate, Employers of professional drivers find themselves having to deal with a myriad of issues with Drivers including shortcomings in Integrity, Loyalty and Punctuality amongst others.

With a clear understanding of the peculiar challenges in this space and local context, ProDrivers has responded with a mandate to ensure Organizations and individuals alike always have access to a ready pool of Professional Drivers with proven track record of integrity, technical competence, punctuality and other good virtues we prioritize in selection of candidates.

With thorough enlistment, evaluation, placement and almost immediate replacement processes in place, Clients can rest assured of quality service and to reduction in possible down time.

The philosophy behind our dedicated driver solution is simple — when you outsource driver employment to us, ProDrivers will ensure all your needs are met, and relieve you of the details of hiring and employing so you have more time to focus on the core of your business.